Senior Thesis: "Blur"

What does it mean to be a certain gender? This question has been of interest to me for a number of years now. The potential to blur the lines of and even transcend sexuality and gender identification in today’s culture inspires me. “Blur” is an exploration of androgyny, pansexuality, and gender ambiguity. In this work, I have created images that cloud the presentation of gender and sexuality and presented them in combination with quotes from individuals who identify as pansexual, along with additional images of objects that act concurrently with the portraits.

The intention of my project is to evoke a response in the viewer and stretch any preconceptions they might hold about gender or sexuality. By trying to create an experience which does not conform to normalized gender assignments, I am attempting to get the viewer to contemplate, discuss and critique the elemental connotations that culture has assigned to these parts of our identities.

Below I have included a selection of individual images and text from the series, some of the book spreads, and photographs of the final installation and physical book.